Sunday, 11 February 2007

General Introduction

What with a whacky surname, it's only right that my interests should be an unusual blend, so here goes:
(by the way God is much more than an "interest" so is not included in this small 'hobby' section)

Armand Peugeot (1849-1915) is rightly stated as one of the founding fathers of the petrol combustion-engined-horseless-carriage (or CEHC...!) more commonly known as 'The Car'.

Peugeot inevitably not only have a very long heritage since circa 1889 but within that have produced some stunning models, many from the draftboard of Pinninfarina' and are known for their robustness and excellent diesel engines blah blah blah...blah.

Another one of their stunning models is Mrs Wibberley (Arriere-arriere petite-fille de Mr P.)
OK, this isn't Mrs Wibberley...Rather, 'tis our 1975 304 coupe, complete with leatherette seats, a bit like fake beef - nice!
Question: where did the people carrier originate?
Answer: Africa:

Finally, it would be wrong not to mention the magnificent Range Rover and classic Land Rover and also the still-sensational Citroen DS: